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Yay!!! The Yankees Made The Playoffs!!

Posted on: September 22, 2011 8:55 pm
I have goosebumps! Another season of the scripted MLB season is coming to an end, and unbelievably, the New York Yankees have managed to somehow overcome all odds and make the playoffs!!
Nevermind that if they were half the other teams in baseball, their beloved Jeter and Rivera would have been playing for another team for over 10 seasons by now; they would never have signed Teixaria, Sabathia, and Cano would be gone shortly.
Yes, there are other teams whose fortunes are tied in with their payroll (the Phillies & the Red Sox), but no one has done it for as long and as conspicuously as the Yanks.
Please, Mr Selig, follow the NFLs lead and make the playing field level on a front office standpoint. If a team screws up from after that point, it's their own fault. The beauty of it is a team from Green Bay, Wisconsin has a chance to win a championship. In MLB, they would be out of it before spring training broke.
If baseball was 7 card stud, half the teams would be dealt 3 cards & be forced to stand pat, the Yankees, Red Sox, & Phillies would get
7 cards dealt, and the Yankees would have an opportunity to discard and get new cards.
I know, I know, last year the Rangers & the Giants were in the series, but that was an abberation, not the norm, as neither team is even remotely a series regular.
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